Hello wonderful readers!

I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe it is already September. This year is flying by! In this month’s newsletter, I’ve posted some great freebie deals as well as discounted prices on some of my favorite books.

But before I get to the book deals, I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY joined the rest of the world and got an Instagram! 🙂 I’d love to connect with you. Here is the link to my account: https://www.instagram.com/samanthabrittbooks/.

With the release of book 3 weeks away, I will be posting the latest information about the cover reveal, ARC sign-ups, etc on social media sites as well as through email. Be sure to sign up for my street team to be the first to hear about all of those fun things! Link is here: https://samanthabrittbooks.com/join-samanthas-stree….

Alright, now on to the deals!


1) Best Romance Authors is hosting a Instafreebie giveaway of 59 romance ebooks! If romance books are your thing, I’d encourage you to check out this giveaway. I’ve already snagged a few books myself! Click the banner below for more details.


2) It’s that time of year again when teachers and students go back to school. Being a teacher myself, I know having a fun giveaway makes this time of year much more enjoyable. Getting back into the swing of things isn’t easy, and I absolutely need more books to read when I come home from work and want something to get my mind off of stressful things. JL Hendricks is an awesome author and is hosting a Back to School Giveaway. There are almost 80 books of many different genres, and they are separated by genres to make your search super easy! Be sure to click the banner below to check out all the free ebooks!



3) Last, but certainly NOT the least for Group Giveaways: DE Chapman, another great author, is hosting a giveaway for FANTASY ebooks. Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy Myths and Legends, all types of fantasy novellas, novels, and previews are available for FREE! Fantasy fans should be sure to check it out!



4) I am hosting a PAPERBACK giveaway of Enlightened​, Immortal Chronicles Book 1 through Goodreads. This contest is open to all readers in the US, CANADA, and the UK. Click the banner below to enter for the chance to win!






1) Suppressed by Wendi L Wilson is 99 cents NOW through September 7th.

There are things out there I thought only existed in fairy tales.
When the arrogant new boy moves in next door, my life changes forever. 
Magic, mystery and an undeniable pull to the ocean fill my days. I love the sea, but ultimately, it might just be what kills me.​


2) Will of Fate: Dual Court Series Book 1 is 99 cents for the next few hours! Then, its price will bump up to $1.99 until September 6th. Get your discounted ebook copy today!

A story of love and tragedy through two generations, intertwined with Fate, Will of Fate is a fantasy romance sure to cause elation and despair, hope and disappointment; all the while revealing a magical world where the Fate of many rest on the shoulders of Two.​

​What’s on my to read list:

1) A Portrait of Pain (Seraph Black Book 4) by Jane Washington

2) A Lady Out of Time: Helen Foster Book 1 by Caroline Hanson 

3) Paper Princess by Erin Watt

What about you? What are you currently reading? Reach out via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


I hope you have a wonderful month of September and that you were able to find something awesome to read from this newsletter.

Until next time,