The Dual Court Series








5.0 out of 5 stars  “Excellent and unique fantasy saga!”

“Couldn’t put it down! Well written fantasy/love story with great plot twists and an undertone of mystery…”

Twenty three year old Gwen Longe has her life planned out. She’s overcome obstacles most people cannot even fathom, let alone conquer and find themselves successfully completing their first year of medical school.

Home to visit her foster brother and best friends for the summer, Gwen is eager for what she views as a stress-free vacation from her wonderful, but hectic, life.

All notions of relaxation are swept away when a handsome stranger walks into her life and reveals a world she never knew existed. Kalan exposes certain truths about herself and brings Gwen to a world so magical she could not have created it in her wildest dreams.

A story of love and tragedy through two generations, intertwined with Fate, Will of Fate is a fantasy romance sure to cause elation and despair, hope and disappointment; all the while revealing a magical world where the Fate of many rest on the shoulders of Two.

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 5.0 out of 5 Stars: Five stars, all the way. I absolutely love it!”
– Wendi L. Wilson, Author of The Shadowed Series

“Loved it just as much as the first book in the series!”  –T.L. McDonald, Author of the Marked Series

“249 Pages of Enchantment!”

Ever since the Winter Prince met Gwen, he felt an undeniable pull to the young woman.

Following her departure from Winter Court, Kalan tried to ignore his feelings and return to life before meeting the Dual Court Fae.

His efforts prove pointless.

Now, with Gwen’s life is in danger, the Winter Prince strives to find means to protect her. All the while, Kalan aims to prove to the princess they are meant to be together… despite what any Fae thinks.

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Lord Ronan spent his long existence serving the sovereigns of Winter Court, choosing to forgo any relationship which might distract from his duties.

Until he met Sara Roberts, a human girl with no knowledge of the existence of Fae.

Now that Prince Kalan and Gwen are settled in their lives in the human realm, will Ronan decide to pursue the dark-eyed beauty? Will Sara return his advances, despite his vague and distant nature?

Find out in Waiting for Fate, a companion story to the Dual Court Kiss Series.

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