Immortal Chronicles Book 3

Book Cover: Envisioned

Darcie spent weeks trying to convince herself everything would be okay, but it is time to admit she was wrong.

Since Darcie met the immortals, she's been attacked, kidnapped, bossed around, and tortured by an unknown ailment. Throw in Adir's continued attempts to find her, as well as the realization that her long lost mother is really a witch, and Darcie's life continues down the road of anything but ordinary.

The only thing saving her from complete despair is Des. While the acknowledgement of their feelings for one another has been a long time coming, the two still need to appear unattached or risk unknown repercussions from the immortal community. Her newest friends are adamant that she remains under the rebellion's radar.

Now, with one of her best friends is in the hands of her enemy, Darcie will do anything she can to get her back. While under the brothers' protection, she practices controlling her many abilities with the hope of using them to help rescue Bella. Her plan is hindered when trouble returns and her life is in the hands of the one person she swore to never depend on - her mother.

No matter how much Darcie might want her life to return to normal, she is beginning to suspect it never will again.