Immortal Chronicles Book 2

Book Cover: Ensnared

The Immortals rescued Darcie from the hands of their enemy, but her safety is far from secure.

Darcie is back in Maine and eager to forget the trauma and unbelievable truths forced upon her. Enrolling in classes, getting a part-time job, and finally snagging her childhood crush have the teenager hoping all involvement with the immortals will stay in the past.

Meanwhile, stoic and withdrawn Des continues to deny any connection with Darcie. The Immortal aims to convince others of his indifference for the human teenager while he and his family work tirelessly to ensure Darcie’s continued safety. Their efforts prove ineffective when she is attacked by rebels as they try to abduct her for their cause.

Now, the seventeen-year-old is introduced to the other players in the Immortal’s game. Half-breed offspring are taking sides in the rebellion, and Darcie is thrown in the middle as the immortals try to motivate allegiances for the good of the world and survival of mankind.

It seems Darcie may play a bigger role in the Immortal Chronicles than ever expected.