Copy of my August newsletter:


Hello awesome readers!

As we all know, it’s August. In two short weeks, I will be returning to work as a high school science teacher. This summer has been a great one for writing and promoting my latest series, the Immortal Chronicles. I look forward to going back to work but will definitely miss all the time I could dedicate to writing.

Any who… to celebrate the end of summer, I found some AWESOME giveaways and Freebies that I wanted to share with you all!

First up:

This scavenger hunt hosts a rafflecopter giveaway of free ebooks, signed copies, swag bags, etc.

Check it out here:…



38 Authors have come together to create a promo using book funnel. Visit the link below to get access to 38 FREE ebooks from some amazing authors! They are all YA, but the genres are different and there is definitely something for everyone. Go check it out!


One of my FAVORITE series is having the first book FREE this weekend from August 4th – 8th. Click the Amazon Link to download your copy this weekend!…

P.S. For those of you who read Enlightened, Darcie picks up this book at the Brunswick Public Library!


Finally, I’ve been doing a good amount of reading in July. Here are some of the books that REALLY drew me in that I think some of you might enjoy.

*Click on the images to visit the series pages on Amazon.*


1. The Marked Series by T.L. McDonald


2. Curse of the Gods Series by Jane Washington & Jaymin Eve (2 of 5 books complete)


3. The Marked by Bianca Scardoni (3 of 4 books complete)


NOTE: All of these books are available through a program on Amazon called Kindle Unlimited. Basically, its paying 10 bucks a month for unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of amazing books. For me, it is where I found most of my summer reads. In July alone, I read 10 books. Which, if you do the math, means I spent $1 per book. You can’t beat that!


I hope you were able to find something fun to read in this Newsletter. I will send out another one in September!


Until next time, happy reading!